We are a small breeding registered English Bulldogs, champion lineage, the family environment.

Pendulous lips, stocky, short-legged with a chest imposing. Our English bulldog inspire at first glance, strength, strength and nobility. Big massive head is extremely wrinkled.

Our English Bulldog counts as one more member of our family. As we work at home they are with us day and night in our daily tasks. Sleep in our bed, play with us and our children. They are always ready to receive and to give affection.

Their temperament is extremely affectionate. Our English Bulldogs are gentle and calm, their kindness is more to prove. They are protective, their courage with no limit. We take good care of our bulldogs socialize them, taking them out for walks and to the dog park. And giving them a good regular followed our friend the vet.

Our English bulldog give an impression of determination, strength and activity. As it's time to play they can be bright, bold, loyal, trustworthy, brave. Contrary to their appearance they are lazy capable of great acceleration in the race.

All our English bulldogs are a nourrient
dog food with high quality and nutrition pioneer adapted to their race. This power gives them a coat so bright, soft, smooth and maintaining a healthy weight.

IMPERIALBULLDOGPUPPIES breeding English bulldog is proud to offer a purebred puppy unparalleled in its beauty to all our customers and make you experience the passion we resentons for this race.

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