The arena of combat macadam cities ... Originally the Bulldog was a special dog in the fight against bulls (bull-baiting). He had to catch the bull by the nose and not let go. The first example described of bull-baiting in England dates from the twelfth century, in the city of Stamford, where the bulls were pursued through the city by the butchers' dogs.

The basis of its morphological selection date to this time: a short, wide nose to allow him to breathe without letting go his hold, folds around the neck to protect vital organs, short legs and strong to give it stability in remaining Attack of the horns off.

The "bull-baiting" is so popular that every English town will have its "bull-ring", a kind of fighting arena. However, over the centuries, the voices raised against the cruelty of those fights will eventually be heard and in 1835, Parliament banned the fights between animals. Although they continued illegally, the gradual disappearance of these fights almost eradicating the Bulldog lead.

In less than a century of work, the Bulldog has become a real lamb as it is gentle and kind, although he kept his gruff appearance and musculature of sports. The Bulldog is a stocky dog, compact, short legged and rather broad front. Its body is short, its members are strong and muscular. Large head with a wide muzzle, short and inclined backwards, and a lot of wrinkles on the forehead and muzzle. His nose is very flat and because of this he snores a lot. There are several Bulldog colors (fawn, white, brown, gray, spotted ....).

Today, the Bulldog has become a very affectionate dog, handler and actor, or even intrusive. He loves children, with whom he can spend hours playing. Although its role is not to be a goalie, so he likes his "family" that protects. It is a proud and dignified animal. When he meets other dogs, he tries to play rather than fighting. The Bulldog is an excellent family dog, he barks little, requires little maintenance and does not require much exercise, he prefers the sofa in jogging. For balance, you still have the habit very young to walk. He is very patient, which makes him a dog that fits very well in any environment.

The Bulldog can not stand the heat. In hot conditions, it should not make him run, play, or carry it away. If necessary, grab a bowl, a bottle of water and a damp towel with which you will cover your dog. In hot places, too, must remember to drink and spray regularly.


  • He who seeks a dog who obeys his orders slavishly.
  • He who seeks a dog to let him keep his field in a cage.
  • One who is never at home for hours.
  • He who is anxious to scrupulously clean.
  • He who is sporty and expects the same from his dog.
  • Whoever is not able to give love, attention and care.
  • Whoever wants to make money with breeding Bulldogs.
  • Whoever wants to go unnoticed when he walks with his dog.
  • Whoever does not want a dog as a toy for his children.
  • One who likes to spend his holidays in hot with her dog.

  • Whoever wants to have a dog that obeys to please you.
  • One who can give life to his family Bull.
  • He who can stay with his Bull at least several hours a day.
  • Whoever has the patience to make it clean.
  • One who likes to make a side trip without too much effort. Whoever considers his Bull as part of his family.
  • Whoever accepts that he be spontaneous remarks, both good and less good on his dog.
  • He who seeks a friend always there for her children.
  • He who has solutions for the holidays, both for his family for his dog.

Physical Appearance: A sturdy dog ​​22 to 35 kos. Weight in proportion to the total appearance of the dog. The head is massive and quite large with wide, short muzzle, dark eyes and ears in specific form (the rose ear). Nose with wide nostrils should be black. The lower teeth should be before the upper teeth, but may not be visible with the mouth closed. The body should be stocky. The shoulders are broad and strongly muscled. The thorax is well hang round between the front legs. The back is broad at the shoulders and comparatively narrow at the loins, or of the pear shape. The "roach" which is typical for the Bulldog is formed by the back that goes down just slightly from the shoulders, then he goes back to the lumbar region and descends sharply towards the tail. The hind legs are weaker than the front legs, which are short, straight and well muscled. The tail should be carried low, and can never exceed the backline.

The Bulldogs are one color or brindle, with possibly the nose mask and black, or spotted. The colors are brown in various shades, beige, white and speckled (white / white or brown / beige or white / brindle).

Character: The Bulldog is very social with people. It is very tolerant of other animals with whom he lives, like cats, rabbits and so on. This is an ideal companion for children, they treat him with love and respect. It's not a dog that requires large spaces or long walks. It may well be kept in an apartment if there is no or not too many stairs. It's not a dog training or agility. If heat be careful, but this is true for all dogs with short snout. As the adult Bulldog is a quiet dog, but being young he is mischievous like all young animals 1ES, and then it is possible that sometimes it destroys things. You need a little patience to make it clean.


  • impression of determination, strength and activity
  • dry muscle tone
  • watchful eye, his expression proud
  • proportionate and harmonious
  • bright
  • bold
  • trustworthy
  • courageous
  • terrible in appearance but possessed of affectionate nature

Yet still you say "Yes" and so you want to buy a puppy.


Today the English Bulldog is classified as pet dogs, accreditation. Behind that which promotes respect and vigilance actually hides a delicacy, a monster of sweetness and love. When it comes to protecting his people, he is fearless and tenacious with his opponents. Because of its morphology, the Bulldog has a strong resistance to physical pain. He is aware of his own strength, so it is therefore confident and not afraid of anything.
Also said reliable because it is so appropriate and reflects. This is a very sociable dog who loves other dogs as well as other animals. Everything is a matter of habit! He loves above all his teachers and children. The English Bulldog is mature very late, around 2 years. At that age, without specific training, he will instinctively protect their masters and their property. It impresses with a dark look and then if that does not hand it to meet the enemy. The Bulldog is very protective, he often plays a mediating role in his family he loves so much harmony. This is a dog that has a good memory. Thus, he will remember forever with a person who cared for him and another who did him wrong.
The Bulldog has an inexhaustible desire to play, however, it must slow because it has not enough stamina to play for hours. It happens to predict in advance where we will start him his toy. The English Bulldog is a fake lazy, he observes everything and is always ready to play or accompany his masters in walks (except when it gets too cold). However it is a great sleeper! He rarely barks and barks are characteristic of the hounds, that is low and soft.
The English Bulldog is a dog that fits very well and quickly to all places and situations. He demonstrated great sensitivity: it can for example start a hunger strike if he believes he was unjustly punished, a strike at what he will give faster if you show him with a loving caress you made peace.


An English Bulldog is generally weak at heart, eyes, ears, skin, and he fears the heat.
It must therefore be regularly cleaned with antiseptic eye eyes, ears with a specific product, and its folds with a cleaning pad. He must monitor his weight so that the heart is not wrapped in fat and slow times in his daily exercises.
The days of extreme heat and protect from the sun to give him to drink regularly.
The English Bulldog does not require much maintenance! You can if you want to brush it with a specific glove from time to time and not wash more than once a week is recommended even usually wash once a month. However, it is recommended to wash daily eyes and ears about once a week with a product.


If you want a dog with a strong character, choose the scope that comes directly to you!
If you prefer a calmer dog, obedient and easy to control, choose the more suspicious that puppy will come to you once you have sized up!
If your choice is more about a puppy shy, suspicious vis-à-vis the unknown things, but very dedicated, take the puppy is left off the nest!

The English Bulldog is a dog very expensive because it breeds easily and is often born by caesarean section. What helps to think, for sure! It's a dog prone to respiratory problems, eye infections and skin irritations. We must therefore observe and listen carefully to the puppy.

  • I love the company
  • I enjoy giving and receiving lots of love
  • I want a dog who is very attached to his family, protective, loving children
  • I love to laugh
  • I like to play, walk
  • I have a long, long time for
  • I can live with farts, burps, snores
  • I resolve to do more of the household

  • I'm a loner, an independent, I can not stand that I glue
  • I am not expansive
  • I seek a formidable guard, a dog attack
  • I am a big sports, extreme sports enthusiast or racing
  • I am very low stock
  • I am very picky about good manners and I am sensitive to odors
  • I am a neat freak and storage
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